Rectangular Coffee Table

  • This is a medium size coffee table made out of a number of vines intertwined together with fixings that are strong and unseen. The size of the glass is 115cm x 60cm and the height is 38cm.

    The grape vines used are some 100 years old and have reached the end of their productive life. Their thick, gnarled and twisted stems and branches are the result of pruning back each year which adds great strength whilst retaining flexibility in the structure. This makes it much stronger than driftwood but much more difficult to work!

    To get to the finished stage the vine branches have gone through at least a dozen processes which perhaps explains why after making my first table 25 years ago, there are just a few people in the world making such items. 

    This particular design is relatively new and came about as a result of a specific brief by someone who wanted lots of interesting wood on show. The wood has been finished with oils and polish but retains it original colour. Another unusual feature is that the wood base can be turned upside down which gives it a completely different look. 

    The toughened glass is 12mm thick, with a gentle bevelled edge and rounded corners. It sits on the vinewood base without any fixings, just held in place by its own weight. This makes it easy to manoeuvre if you want to change its position. It also means that it is easier to transport and the table  base can be sold without the glass. Should a customer wish to purchase just the base then the price will be reduced by £200.

    Please call me to discuss your requirements as well as despatch costs.