Large Dining Table

  • This is a dining table designed to take a large piece of glass which rests on top of the base without any fixing and is held in place by its own weight. Being in two parts makes it relatively easy to manoeuvre and transport. Here it is shown with a 1.3m diameter piece of toughened glass which is 12mm deep and has a gentle bevel. It will easily take a 1.5m piece of glass and comfortably seat 8 people. The height is 73 cm and the width of the base without glass is approximately 90cm.

    The price includes a piece of glass as described above. However due to its size and weight, a number of customers have opted to source their own glass locally and as a result I am happy to reduce the overall price by £300.

    I call this design my 'Dancing Ladies' table because a cursory glance makes the upright vines look like figures holding hands and dancing in a circle. It came about as a result of a specific brief by a lady who wanted a substantial piece of furniture and a talking point for her dinner guests. So amongst the ladies there is a gent! No two items are ever the same but I liked it so much that I have now made four similar ones.

    The grape vines used are up to 100 years old and have reached the end of their productive life. Their thick, gnarled and twisted stems and branches are the result of pruning back each year which adds great strength whilst retaining flexibility in the structure. This makes it much stronger than driftwood and much more difficult to work! 

    To get to the finished stage the vines have gone through at least a dozen processes and this perhaps explains why after making the first table 25 years ago, few people in the world have attempted to replicate it. 

    Please call to discuss your requirements and for shipping and despatch costs.

  • We want you to be happy with your purchase. If you are not entirely satisfied you can return the item withint 14 days of receiving the item. Please post it back at your own cost or you may return it in person to our showroom in Oxfordshire. Please note, original postage costs will not be reimbursed.